Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Doctor Who Nursery - DONE!

Tomorrow I will be 9 months pregnant and I can say - the nursery is done!
I'm grateful that we are able to provide a wonderful home for our kids and in this case a fun space for soon to arrive Adrian. I like to think its a mild theme on Doctor Who but I been told not as mild as I think. Besides the Tardis paintings on the wall everything can be removed and at his desire changed, which I'm sure will happen and I designed it so I wouldn't get my heart broken when the time comes.
Goes to show with some felt, themed fabric and a little paint you can go a long way.

The great thing about a Doctor Who nursery is anything goes, cowboy hat, dinosaurs  TARDIS, robots, monkeys and a long scarf to later on hold pictures.

Eeyore as Doctor Who
This are sticky frames with fabric and felt and I ordered post cards with Deliks and DaVinci painting of TARDIS and cut the to fit into the frames , no glass and very soft. 

I made 2 mobiles, this is the white one I used 2 different size embroidery hoops  and using some of the felt characters at  different angels for baby to amuse himself while getting its diaper changed. 

The curtains hung, one is 1 cm higher than the other... i dont want to talk about it. 
Mobile 2 using the iron on pieces of felt and blue felt shapes, this one will be helpful while feeding, here with awesomse TARDIS pillow. 

The crib all pimped outin Doctor Who! with the bedskirt, the teething covers and the quilt. 
This mobile used to be Andrews and it fit perfectly with the idea of the TARDIS spinning in space
Thank you Katie! These were a pain in the ass, but they look great, notice its 2 different shades of blue! 
Andrew and I painted the background and used our favorite felt shapes with Adrian letters to make a little art. 

A view of the room as you come in. See, mild themed... right? :) 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The light at the end

After what I felt was a pretty nasty feeling about Doctor Who projects I added 2 more to end in a happy or satisfied note.
One was an idea for mobile made of garlands and the other was the remaining sticky frames. The garland was a challenge in that I didnt realize the ironing infusing paper was like a double sides sticker and thus I was getting irritated because I forgot to remove the back of the sticker... Oops, but I figure it out. And the frames I just lay them on ironed fabric and cut around them with a rotating cutting tool thingy, yeah, I was am this done.
Next is to finish painting the room, washing all the baby clothes and setting everything up, hopefully next pictures will have the room completed. Till then, it's us going to Disneyland for a final only kid vacation oft Andrew and Halloween crafting! It's ok I just put the lights in the front lawn and already look like the weirdos in the block, it's all good.

Fabric Tardis and boom

High hopes turn into disappointment, turn into just trying to accomplish something on that particular day.
To begin with, sewing a square with a sewing machine is a challenge for me. It was awful, I don't have the skills or patience, playing the too pregnant card for this.
Then the book, not too bad, till my dog decided to walk all over it with his muddy paws, making me irritated at the project, again these are all things within my control that didn't work as I wanted. But they are done.

Doctor Who blanket

This has to be my favorite Doctor Who project. It has the super soft blanket o one side with the Doctor Who fabric on the other, all trimmed with a satin navy blue ribbon. I know I will get a lot of use out of this item, provably the most and worth all the back pain. I give you the awesome Doctor Who blanket!

Back to blue and Doctor Who

It was time to get these things done! Halloween is around the corner and Andrew has high expectations, decorations need to be placed, costumes made, decorations made, laminating machine order.
So I started where I left off, with the unfinished teething bumper, and the car seat cover.


I got tired of looking at blue and doctor who fabric, so I gave myself a much needed week break but as my friends pointed out, it wasn't a break because I decided to make a quilt for my cousins daughter and was consumed by it. Will it work? Will they like it? Will it help me avoid an awkward moment between my family? Will this make them stop picking on me every time they see me? What can I say a lot had always been expected of me and I dont like to deliver it to them and I felt I was betraying my nature by this work of kindness towards a baby I had not meet but nonetheless I had nothing but good wishes for, after all, we are related and the quilt might fall apart but at least it made me think of her and what a wonderful future she can have.

Friday, September 21, 2012